Update! How To Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke In Elden Ring
Update! How To Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke In Elden Ring

Update! How To Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke In Elden Ring

Do you want to know about How To Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke In Elden Ring? This post got the clue you need. So, find out more!

Festering Fingerprint Vyke is one of the few enemies that you can beat twice in Elden Ring. He has two forms one as an invader and one as a boss. And fighting both of them is worth it because of the rewards. The fights are also fairly easy once you know his moves. So in this guide let us check how to beat the Festering Fingerprint Vyke and Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring.

How to Beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke in Elden Ring

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You can beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke by attacking him while he charges his attacks and depleting his health. This is the Invader form of this NPC that you can come across at Liurnia of the Lakes while heading to the Church of Inhibition. He will invade you on your way to the church. These are all his moves and their counters:

  • Charging Spear thrust: He will charge at you while thrusting his spear. You can dodge this attack by rolling to either side and getting out of his way.
  • Golden roar: You will see him stand in a place and produce a golden flame icon, after it, he releases golden waves around him. To dodge this attack, start rolling backward when you see the flame symbol. If you have a ranged weapon then you can also shoot at him while he attacks.
  • Golden lasers: Similar to the roaring attack he will take a stance and produce the golden flame symbol. After it, he can either shoot a single golden laser at you or multiple lasers around him. To dodge the single laser roll to either side before it connects. And for the multiple laser attack dodge it by retreating back.

These are the main moves it uses in its Invade form once you dodge them you can launch counterattacks. Keep attacking him and deplete his health to defeat him.

Upon defeating him you get the following drops:

  • Furlcalling Finger Remedy
  • Fingerprint Grape
  • Vyke’s War Spear

How to Beat Roundtable Knight Vyke

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This is the boss form of Festering Fingerprint Knight Vyke. You can find him at Lord Contender’s Evergaol in Mountaintops of the Giants. To defeat him you need to dodge his attacks and attack him until his health reaches zero. These are some of the notable moves that he uses in this fight:

  • Spear Thrust: He will thrust his spear at you. You can guard against it using your shield or by rolling to either side.
  • Charging Spear Thrust: Just like his invader form he will dash and thrust his spear at you.
  • Jump and slash: He will jump and slash his spear at you. There are two variations to this attack. He can either slash at you normally, or he can charge it with red lightning.
  • Lightning spear throw: He will bring out two red-colored lightning spears and throw them at the ground towards you. The problem with this attack is, it covers a big range and does a lot of AoE damage. To dodge it get as far away as possible from the attack.
  • Golden lightning strikes: He signs his hand at the sky it will have a faint golden aura around it. This move then causes multiple golden lightning strikes to strike toward you in a straight line three times.

When you learn his attack pattern you can counter them and launch your attacks. This will allow you to eventually defeat him.

After getting defeated, the Roundtable Knight Vyke drops:

  • Fingerprint Set
  • Vyke’s Dragonbolt

That covers this guide on how to beat Festering Fingerprint Vyke and Roundtable Knight Vyke in Elden Ring. If you need help with other boss guides then be sure to check out our Elden Ring section.

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