Genshin Impact Yelan release date, banner, and more

New! Genshin Impact Yelan release date, banner, and more

Are you looking for Genshin impact Yelan release date, banner, and more? You’ve arrived in the right web.

The cast of Genshin impact playable characters is ever-expanding, and we’re always excited to catch a glimpse of a new face or name. One of these mysterious names is Yelan, a gorgeous blue-haired lady of luck – who just might shoot an arrow through your heart.

Genshin impact’s Yelan is nearly here! This gorgeous, bow-wielding, hydro character is coming in the version 2.7 update, and her eagerly anticipated arrival is bound to make a splash. Here’s everything we know so far, including the Genshin impact Yelan release date, her skills, and more.

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When is Genshin impact Yelan’s release date?

In the Genshin impact update 2.7 livestream, Hoyoverse confirmed that the Yelan release date is officially May 31, 2022. Yelan’s banner is called Discerner of Enigmas, and takes place in the first phase of 2.7. As Hoyoverse has stated that 2.7 will run for six weeks, we estimate that her banner will end around June 21.

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Who is Genshin impact’s Yelan?

Genshin impact’s Yelan is a mysterious woman who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affaris, but is classed as a ‘non-entity’ on their list. She runs a teahouse in Liyue, and is loved by all of her patrons due to her top-notch social skills. However, she’s known to have many different faces, and relies on acting to blend seamlessly into different social settings.

She is an avid traveller, and has been across all the seven nations of Teyvat – and she’s even spent some time in the Abyss. We’ll be able to find out more about this gorgeous, mysterious lady in the upcoming Story Quest, Umbrabilis Orchis Chapter: Act I, where some exciting secrets will be unveiled.

What’s the best Genshin impact Yelan build?

We’re unsure of the best Yelan build at the moment as we’ve not had the chance to get our paws on her, but we do know that she’s a bow wielder with a hydro vision, and that she’ll likely excel in a main DPS role.

Hoyoverse also announces that we’ll be getting a new five star weapon banner in version 2.7 featuring a bow called Aqua Simulacra, which we presume is tailor-made for Yelan, so that likely will be the Yelan’s best weapon.

What are Genshin impact Yelan’s abilities?

Here’s everything we learnt about Genshin impact Yelan’s abilities during the Genshin impact livestream.

Yelan’s Active abilities

Yelan normal attack

Ability Description
Stealthy Bowshot Release four consecutive shots with a bow, dashing backwards during the last two hits
Stealthy Bowshot (charged) While you aim, flowing water accumulates around the arrowhead, inflicting hydro damage on hit
Stealthy Bowshot (plunging) Fire off a shower of arrows mid-air, before falling to the ground and inflicting AoE damage

Yelan Elemental Skill

Ability Description
Lingering Lifeline Fire a lifeline that pulls you along rapidly, dragging in and marking any enemies in its path. When your rapid movement ends, the lifeline explodes, dealing hydro damage to the marked opponents based on Yelan’s max HP

Yelan Elemental Burst

Ability Description
Depth-Clarion Dice Deal AoE hydro damage while also creating an ‘Exquisite Throw’ which aids you in battle, with an 18 second cooldown. Exquisite Throw follows your character around, initiating a coordinated attack that deals hydro damage based on Yelan’s max HP. This can occur once every second when your active character uses a normal attack, and occurs each time Yelan’s Lifeline explodes and hits enemies

Yelan’s Passive abilities

Ability Description
Lengthy Consideration Gain 25% more rewards what Yelan is dispatched on a Liyue Expedition for 20 hours
Turn Control When your party has one/two/three/four elemental types, Yelan’s max HP is increased by 6%/12%/18%/30%
Adapt with Ease When an Excuisite Throw is in play, your active character deals 1% more damage. This increases by a further 3.5% damage every second. Damage can be increased by a maximum of 50%

What are Yelan’s constellations?

Here are all of Yelan’s constellations. Of course, to get a constellation, you’ll have to roll the dice and pull more than one copy of this lovely lady, so good luck!

Increases the damage of the Exquisite Throw coordinated attack by 30%

Constellation Description
C1 – Taking All Comers For each opponent marked by your Lifeline, Yelan restores seven energy. You can restore a maximum of 21 energy for Yelan per Lingering Lifeline
C2 – Enter the Plotters Lingering Lifeline gains one additional charge
C3 – Dealer’s Sleight Increases the level of Lingering Lifeline by three. Max upgrade level is 15
C4 – Bait and Switch Increases the damage of Exquisite Throw’s coordinated attack by 30%
C5 – Beware the Trickster’s Dice Increases the level of Depth-Clarion Dice by three. Max upgrade level is 15
C6 – Winner Takes All After you use Yelan’s elemental burst, she enters the mastermind state. In this state all of her normal attacks become Breakthrough Barbs and deal 130% extra damage

We’ll be sure to update this guide as soon as we know more!

And that’s all we know about the elusive character that is Genshin impact’s Yelan at the moment. In the meantime, head over to our list of the best games like Genshin impact to find something fresh to play.

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