Genshin Impact 2.7 update release date, stream, and more

New! Genshin Impact 2.7 update release date, stream, and more

If you are looking for Genshin impact 2.7 update release date, stream, and more, then we have dished out Genshin impact 2.7 update release date, stream, and more that you can read.

Are you having trouble keeping up to date with the frequent Genshin impact updates? Well, sit back, relax, and let us fill you in on everything you need to know. Mihoyo generally drops an update for the popular title every six weeks, meaning you never have long to wait for some fresh content.

Unfortunately, Hoyoverse delayed Genshin impact update 2.7 due to progress issues, and likely, in part, due to the current situation in Shanghai. But now the 2.7 livestream is finally here! Here’s everything we’ve seen so far.

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When is the next Genshin impact streaM?

The Genshin impact 2.7 livestream went live on May 20, 2022, at 8:00 UTC-4 / 5:00 PST / 8:00 EST / 13:00 BST on the official Genshin impact Twitch channel. You can watch it there, or head to their official YouTube to catch up after 12:00 UTC-4.

What is the Genshin impact 2.7 release date?

The Genshin impact 2.7 update finally has a release date! It’s set to go live on May 31, with maintenance starting at 6:00 UTC +8. In other timezones, this means it will start on May 30 at 15:00 PST / 18:00 EST / 23:00 BST. Check out the version 2.7 trailer below!

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What are the new Genshin impact 2.7 characters?

Hoyoverse has confirmed that the following new characters are coming in the 2.7 update.

Who will feature in the Genshin impact 2.7 banner?

In the 2.7 livestream, Hoyoverse announced that the following characters will be featured on banners in the new update.

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Will there be a new region in Genshin impact 2.7?

There’s no new region in Genshin impact 2.7, but the core gameplay and events will focus on the recently added area Genshin impact’s Chasm.

Are there any new Genshin impact bosses in 2.7?

There are no new bosses in version 2.7, but there are plenty of exciting combat-themed Genshin impact events as we delve back into the Chasm.

What new events are coming in Genshin impact 2.7?

There are heaps of new events coming to the Genshin impact 2.7 update, including a new rhythm game, an opportunity to create your own robot, and plenty of exciting stuff going on in the Chasm. Be sure to check out our Genshin impact event guide for more information.

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