LOL Guide –  Best Early Game Bot Laners in League of Legends
LOL Guide – Best Early Game Bot Laners in League of Legends

LOL Guide – Best Early Game Bot Laners in League of Legends

Are you looking for Best Early Game Bot Laners in League Of Legends? You’ve arrived in the right blog.

Best Early Game Bot Laners in League Of Legends

In League Of Legends, it’s important that you get an early lead. The lead you have early can quickly snowball into a much bigger lead as the game develops. One way you can secure victory in the early game is by playing champions with strong early games.

Picking someone who is strong early can allow you to dominate the enemy laner and get kills. Playing a weak early game champion can and will leave you at a severe disadvantage throughout the laning phase.

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Best Early Game Bot Laners in League Of Legends

  1. Caitlyn
  2. Swain
  3. Draven
  4. Vayne
  5. Twitch

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1. Caitlyn

Thanks to her superior range, Caitlyn is one of the most potent early game ADCs around. She can bully the enemy with basic attacks whenever they walk up to last hit minions. If they’re not positioned appropriately, they will get bullied by her repeatedly.

She also has sound wave clear thanks to her Q: which she can use to push and poke the enemy simultaneously thanks to its large area of effect. When she is paired with a champion that has strong poke, too, they both can bully and harass the enemy frequently.

Finally, Cait works wonders with champions with strong all-in and CC as she can layer her trap with an immobilised champion to keep them locked down for an extended period of time. Keeping them locked down usually results in kills and early item leads.

Tips and Tricks:

  • You have a high auto-attack range. Whenever you can, make sure you abuse it and auto-attack the enemy whenever they try to secure a minion.
  • When pushing and sieging a tower, make sure you place your Traps behind the tower to zone the enemy. If they step in one, then you can go for a favourable trade.
  • Save your 90 Caliber Net to use as an escape tool in case the enemy tries to trade, or the enemy Jungler ganks your lane. Make sure you save enough mana to use this ability in case of an emergency too.

2. Swain

The odd champion on our list is Swain. Swain is a good early game champion when paired with Supports that synergise with his kit. He has good poke but also strong all-in with his E. When paired with good damage dealers and all-in champions, he can be extremely dominant.

First off, he isn’t good in 1v1s early. He will lose auto-attack trades with the enemy as he is AP and not AD-like most champions in the bottom lane. So his first few levels aren’t the greatest but don’t let that deter you.

Once he has his first component item behind him, his damage output heavily increases. Mix this with a few points in his Q; his damage output in short bursty trades can be detrimental. Furthermore, his E and the pull enables Swain to set up ganks and start fights.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Swain is prone to all-ins. Stand as far back as possible so it’s harder for the enemy to get on to you. Once an enemy is on top of you, it’s going to be hard for you to get them off.
  • Swain’s root will only trigger on the closest enemies hit on its return. Take aim and try to use it so it leaves little room for the enemy to react and dodge it.
  • Activate your Ultimate as soon as a fight occurs to increase your chances of coming out ahead and surviving the fight.

3. Draven

Draven is one of the strongest early game champions in the game. He has stronger early game damage thanks to his Q, which enhances his trades as long as he has an axe active. When trading with the enemy and hitting them with auto-attacks, you will always come out ahead early on.

All Draven players need to play aggressive early. They have to do this to cash out and get their stacks to earn free gold from their Passive. Once they cash out, they will get their first item earlier compared to the enemy, which allows them to further their lead.

He is so scary when paired with a similarly aggressive Support as they can consistently look for all-ins and to make plays. You need to be very careful when he is laning with someone like Alistar, Leona or anyone who can be played aggressively early.

Tips and Tricks:

  • If your Axe drops in the open and the enemy has skill shots or CC, don’t pick up the Axes if it will put you in danger.
  • When you have hundreds of stacks of Adoration, play a little safer and request assistance from your Jungler or Mid laner to cash out.
  • When trading with the enemy, make sure you watch your positioning, the enemies position and the Axe drops. Try and make sure you pick up your Axe’s as you can to deal extra damage in the trade.

4. Vayne

This champion is seen as a late-game monster, and she is. But Vayne’s early game can be incredibly strong too. With a few levels under her belt and when committing to extended trades, Vayne can be an absolute tyrant in the laning phase.

Vayne’s strengths come when paired with a Support that empowers and enhances her damage output. She goes well with champions that buff her up and keep her alive for longer. The extra damage they provide and the shields and heals make her trades stronger.

At level 6, her all-in potential increases as her Ultimate gives her additional damage and lets her go invisible. She can outplay enemies and use her Supports empowerments to kill the enemy laners.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Stay safe in the early game and do not fall behind. Farm what you can and get as much gold so you can become strong in the mid and late game.
  • Try to always auto-attack the enemy 3 times so you get your Passive proc off with your W. This will make trades more favourable.
  • Watch your positioning in team fights and be prepared to use your Q defensively rather than towards the enemy.

5. Twitch

Twitch is the last champion on our list. He isn’t very good at levels 1 or 2, but once he has a few levels under his belt, he can really be a danger to the enemy. When paired with a peeling Support, he can be a real problem to deal with: regardless of whether he is building AP or AD.

He is pretty sneaky, and it’s not uncommon for a Twitch to approach the lane while being invisible and then trade with the enemy as soon as he returns to the lane. His Q, in general, is really annoying to deal with, and he can even use it to roam to another lane.

To finish off this guide, he is one of those champions that, with even the smallest of leads, can quickly snowball and take over the game. He will be a massive issue in team fights if he is ahead, and unless you shut him down early, he will solo carry the fights.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Line your Ultimate up with as many enemies as possible to get the maximum damage output with your Ultimate.
  • Twitch isn’t very strong in the early game. Avoid dying by playing safe until you’ve got your first item.
  • Go for extended trades whenever possible. Thanks to your Passive, extended trades work heavily in your favour. Look for extended trades over short ones.


Lane dominant and strong ADC’s are really popular right now, so join the club and start playing them! Pair them with other strong early game champions and you’ll make the enemy bottom lane wish that they dodged the game!

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